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June 17, 2015
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Hello my name is Randall Hart with fast easy accounting I am the construction accountant and here today to describe and give you a quick overview and how to use our free invoice form from Pasties accounting it's really quite simple it's built on Excel and I have it running from my Excel 97 to 2003 so it works all all versions of Excel 97 Ford what happens is you'll take the form and see it says your business name all you do is click there and put your business name for example I like Rock Creek construction and those of you use QuickBooks will recognize that as their standard sample file then you might want to put your tagline your tagline could be fast easy construction or whatever your tagline is that makes you unique then you put your street address it can be this is in Rock reconstruction as 1 2 3 4 Main Street and it's located in Glenwood Washington nine 8:03 six which just happens to be our city attire today we're going to located at this is not a real address by the way the phone number can be two zero six five five five one two one two and you're ready to rock and roll at that point you actually could save it and create as your own template it's totally up to you now I've said so the date always defaults to today what you can do very easily is you can set your own date so let's say you did it today but actually it's be used on October the 15th of 2012 just put a real date you want to in there the PIO is that some companies actually use a purchase order number when you're buying products and services from you if they do you'll put their pio number in I'll put in one two three four all the stuff is is designed if you want to use it you don't have to now the bill to could go to the person you're working for in this case it's a fella by name of Bob along and Baba is located at four five six seven Elm Street Seattle Washington 9 8 1 9 9 and Seattle about Tim is south of Lynwood so so the billion is going to go to and actually in this particular case we discovered that the true location of the project is this is going to be for the Johnson press Ronde in a dog's restaurant which he's responsible for is located at two five eight nine Maron Avenue and it's in Everett Washington 9800 to six and the manager of the restaurant is John don't so now what happens down here description you'll put your item description your scope of work in this case here we're going to say patch hole and drywall and there's one hole and you're going to charge three and fifty dollars for it now you'll note that tax rate is nine point five zero if you charge sales tax put in the correct tax rate so I default nine point five which is real common but you may only charge eight point two whatever percentage you charge you can charge ten percent tax and let calculate the tax automatically so from there we had patch all and drywall and we had some labor and we had five hours of labor at forty five dollars an hour he calculates we had some additional material on this project we...